森 一樹

代表取締役 – デザイナー

栃木県日光生まれ。都内建築設計事務所を経て「 文田昭仁デザインオフィス」「 光井純&アソシエーツ建築設計事務所/ペリ・クラーク・ペリ・アーキテクツ・ジャパン(旧:シーザー・ペリ・ アーキテクツ・ジャパン)」入社。物販・飲食などの店舗内装デザイン、大手不動産デベロッパーマンションや商業施設 の外装・内装デザイン、展示会デザイン、アートディレクション、コンペなどを担当。2009年「 KAZUKIMORIDESIGN」設立。2017年「 DESIGNESS 」設立。

空間というアイデンティティをブランディングデザインによって、それ自体の良さが引き立つようなデザイン/ディレクションをしています。特に、内装設計を主とした空間・プロダクト・広告・CI/VIなどをボーダーレスにデザインしています。Tokyo Designer’s Week プロ展の展示会などにも出展。

ご連絡はこちらまで info@kazukimoridesign.com

Kazuki Mori

CEO – Designer

Born in Nikko-city in Japan. I started a design office in Tokyo, after Fumita Design Office. Later, I moved to Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects Inc. / Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Japan Inc. (former Cesar Pelli Architects Japan Inc.) I was in charge of interior design for retail stores and restaurants, exterior/interior design for apartment complexes and commercial facilities built by major real estate developers, design for shows, art design.

KAZUKIMORIDESIGN was founded in 2009. We have a new company of DESIGNESS that organized reconstructing KAZUKIMORIDESIGN in 2017. We are active beyond borders between categories, e.g., space, products, advertisement, and CI/VI. My works have been exhibited at shows including the Tokyo Designers Week Professional Exhibition.

Contact: info@kazukimoridesign.com


DESIGNESS is based in Tokyo. We design and direct to bring out that space identity by branding design with feeling the Japan-ness. The design has the cultural background and essence. Also by our designing of the creativity and innovation, resolve the company's problems with the global possibilities. And, we will continue to challenge to the future.